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Finally Up

2013-04-08 20:50:26 by Aikata

After years of only browsing, I've finally become a member and have submitted my own audio recordings!

If you'd like to know, my setup is very simple. Plugged my Casio WK-200 directly into the mic jack in my computer. Whatever works, right?

And also, everything recorded is LIVE. :)


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2013-04-09 06:27:06

Welcome to NG! I tried plugging in a mic to my computer once and... it doesn't work! ARGH! Bought an external sound card and... it's the same thing! ARGH! Bought a new mic and... there's no difference! ARGH! Oh well, hope you enjoy your stay here! :) I'll go leave a welcome review.

Aikata responds:

If you right-click on the volume icon in the taskbar, you'll see an option that says Recording Devices. If you click on that and go through the individual prperties, you should be able to enable the mic. :)

Thank you for the welcome! I've got some plays and downloads already, so it seems to be going well. I'm not sure what scouting is exactly...but thanks for it!


2013-04-09 10:53:27

Thanks for the attempted solution, though I've given that a try already. I'm thinking either my sound card simply has no support for recording devices (which would be strange considering they show up under the panel you mentioned) or the problem lies with Win 7 not supported any of the devices I've tried to use, which worked fine on my old computer. The built-in Windows recorder program doesn't recognize any microphones either..

About scouting, it's like an invite system for the audio portal. Back in the day all new artists were moderated by staff/mods before their tracks were made public (IOW appeared in the main portal, and could be voted on), but now there's this instead. You're welcome! :)

Ah, guess I assumed it was a mic when I read the ...'WK-200 directly into the mic jack'... above. :P Good knowing.


2013-04-10 13:06:09

When will you submit some of your original work? :)
Btw, your technique is great! :)

Aikata responds:

Aw, thanks for the compliment! I still feel I have a lot to improve on, but I'm glad to hear somebody liking a performance.

As for original works, I've never really given composition a shot. Chord structure and music theory tends to go over my head even though I've had a few classes. I do, however, enjoy interpreting songs with my own style and flavor. One could argue that a lot of the music industry is built off of this principle...

But all of that aside, maybe I'll give it a shot. Can't say it'll be soon though! :P


2013-04-11 15:23:25

Welcome aboard. Nice to see a fellow pianist and Kingdom Hearts fan. ^_^

Aikata responds:

I knew I wouldn't be alone on Newgrounds! :P


2013-04-11 15:38:36

I reckoned so; there are a number of KH fans around. How long have you been playing the keys for?
Also, out of curiosity: have you played all the games in the series or specific ones?

Aikata responds:

Well, I took lessons for a couple of months in the fourth grade, but went cold turkey from there. I picked up band and played the saxophone starting in the seventh grade. In eighth grade, I picked up a cheapo keyboard and starting learning songs by ear. This is the same year I played Kingdom Hearts 2 and learned my first piece, Dearly Beloved. I've played both instruments until my first semester in college where I was diagnosed with tendinitis in both hands. I've stopped the sax and have been playing keyboard off and on for the past two years depending on my hands feel. Right now they're really irritated because I've been going crazy with recordings...I plan on picking the sax back up this summer if my hands permit me.

So, um, about seven years? I don't like to call myself a true pianist though. I can sight-read saxophone music like a beast (played at a college level for six months), but I'm only at very basic level with the piano. I mostly use sheet music for reference and memorize everything! Hah.

As for the KH games, I've played MOST of the first, all of the second, and Birth by Sleep. The games have been dispersed on so many systems that I mostly just watch walkthroughs and synopses now. I'm a little bit disappointed with how the story is kinda EVERYWHERE at this point, but I'm looking forward to some closure in the next game...we've been waiting for over 10 years for them to finish the story!

Wow, this response is longer than the blog post. Kinda sad...

How about you? Feel free to pm if you don't wanna post here.