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Can relate pretty deeply about this flash. Very nice. :)

Also, so many binary star systems! Am I the only nerd who went crazy over this?!

tylerghardin responds:

haha i wish i could say that was intentional, but i was just drawing random stars :p

i'm glad you could relate! thanks for watching.

Saw this on youtube as well.

What happened to the doge meme text?

redminus responds:

I figured I'd mix it up for NG... its the one part i was divided about, so this way I can do both o_0

Wow, this really surprised me. After the first line, I was expecting a really drone and boring cover with some animation. Turns out that the lyrics are a cute and interesting variation of the song and the song itself sounds really great! Minus half a star for the somewhat basic animation, but still very appealing. Great job!!!

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Very nice! You have a very nice alto saxophone tone and excellent intonation! I really liked this piece and I only have a few suggestions.

Is there a main melody for this piece? I feel the first minute and a half could have really benefited from a simple melody to provide some direction for the listener. That same melody could also be used to provide some closure for the end of the piece as well.

This has a very nice slow swing feel, but the very "straight" piano run feels abrasive to the groove. This is subjective of course, but I would substitute something else for that run.

Also subjective, the lack of a little reverb for the sax really makes it feel disconnected from the rest of the piece. It's like I'm sitting in the back of a hall listening to the percussionist, pianist, and strings, and then the saxophonist is playing just a few feet away. Just a little reverb to balance what the rest of instruments have would really help.

Other than that, great job! I look forward to your future work.

I absolutely love the sound you've gotten out of your piano! I wish I could get quality like that with midi or line in...

As for the piece, excellent performance! The notes are very even and your expression is great. One little quirk at 00:49 though. The notes in the upper register feel a little...off to me. Maybe it was the key? Or a suspension that left a bad taste in my mouth? I'm not sure. It seems to come together well in the end though!

Great work!

Bosa responds:

The key in the higher octave at 00:49 should of been lower.


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